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Welcome to B5M Brangus Cattle Co., where our focus is producing balanced, top-notch Brangus cattle coupled with East Texas heat and humidity tolerance. Located in Jacksonville, Texas, we pride ourselves on offering Brangus bulls and females that embody the ideal combination of power, performance and soundness, along with gentle dispositions.

Owned by Bryan and Britain McKinney, B5M Brangus evolved out of Bryan’s penchant for buying open commercial heifers and selling them after they were bred to quality bulls. Wanting more control over his heifers’ genetics, Bryan turned to the Brangus breed. In 2017, he bought a set of purebred Brangus cattle and has never looked back.

This focus on increased quality has delivered time and time again, producing excellent bulls with premium genetics and powerful phenotypes. But don’t let their size fool you, these cattle are as gentle as they come. With the McKinney kids helping work cattle regularly, Bryan makes sure that B5M Brangus handle easily and calmly, whether in the pasture or the pen.

Producing balanced cattle that are guaranteed sound, B5M Brangus has ranch-ready bulls that you can trust to turn out and get to work. Whether you are a purebred breeder needing fresh genetics or running a commercial operation looking for high-yielding sires with moderate calving ease, you can trust that B5M Brangus has something for you. Our offerings fit the modern cattleman’s needs, with a durability and longevity which only can be bred in Texas.

Consisting of a combination of registered Brangus, Ultrablack ®1 and Ultrablack ®2 genetics, B5M Brangus cattle provide a diversity of genetics with a consistency of results. Looking to the future, Bryan will continue to incorporate premium Brangus genetics into his herd, utilizing embryos and artificial insemination, as well as retaining his own replacement females.

Let us help you select the perfect B5M bull for your herd! We are happy to discuss your goals, your needs and share thoughts on what might best fit your operation. From one family to another, we understand the need for efficient cattle that produce high-yielding calves that are easy to work and don’t fall apart in the heat. Contact us today and let’s get our bulls to work for you!

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